Meet Laguna Pet Services and Sandra Gibson    A British immigrant, I have made my home in the United States for many years, and now retired, I am happily living and caring for companion animals in beautiful Laguna Woods and Laguna Beach.

Leo the Caique and Henry Longfellow Waddlesworth

My love for animals is deeply imbedded in my native DNA! and I have shared my life with some wonderful dogs, cats and feathered friends. As a cat lover, I have raised pet and show Abyssinian cats under my cattery name of Capella Cattery. Have been owned by three Lhasa Apsos and last but not least a charismatic Basset hound, Mr Henry Longfellow Waddlesworth.

Over the years I have been fortunate to have worked with some fine veterinarians, taken a number of courses on companion animal care, and collaborated with exceptional dog trainers. I also have been actively involved with pet rescue and fostering organizations.

Upon retiring from the corporate world, there was no doubt in my mind, that going forward, the knowledge I had acquired over my lifetime should be used to provide expert and affectionate care for companion animals and peace of mind for pet owners, and so Laguna Pet Services was born.